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SAKE STORY - Tokubetsu

(Junmai) Daiginjo | (Junmai) Ginjo | Tokubetsu | Junmai / Honjozo

Senkoma Koma (Colt)
Senkoma Brewery, Fukushima prefecture
Tokubetsu, ABV 15.5%, SMV = +1

Brewed in the "yamahai" (or raw fermentation) tradition, this sake is rich with aromas of mash blending delightfully with a dry grain sweetness. The richness is earthy and spreads across the palate conjuring mushrooms flavors. Best paired with strong flavors of smoked barbecue, grilled fish and even rib-eye steaks.

Available packages: 720ml x 12
Housui (Fragrant Water)
Housui Brewery, Tokushima prefecture
Tokubetsu, ABV 15.5%, SMV = +4

Fragrant Water offers an irresistible aroma of sourness from the mash coupled with a bold grainy sweetness that is both pleasant and hardy. Its sweet and sour combo pairs well with fried fish fillets, teriyaki chicken, garlic sauces and grilled vegetables.

Available packages: 300ml x 24; 720ml x 12; 1.8L x 6

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