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SAKE STORY - (Junmai) Ginjo

(Junmai) Daiginjo | (Junmai) Ginjo | Tokubetsu | Junmai / Honjozo

Hanatomoe Yamada Nishiki 50 (Flower Pedals)
Hanatome Brewery, Nara prefecture
Junmai Ginjo, ABV 16%, SMV = +7

Immediate and incredible burst of alcohol gravity and yeast mash sweetness up front yielding a full-bodied, licorice flavor accompanied by a hint of spicy dryness.

Available packages: 720ml x 12; 1.8L x 6
Hakuyou (White Sun)
Hakuyou Brewery, Fukushima prefecture
Junmai Ginjo, ABV 17.5%, SMV = + 4

White Sun gives subtle, yet dignified aromas of refined rice and alcohol gravity which fades away into deep, earthy sweetness. Reflecting its aroma, the immediate flavor is that of razor-sharp dryness, which is slowly followed by a deep, spicy warmth.

Available packages: 720ml x 12; 1.8L x 6
Hakkin Iri (Platinum)
Fukugao Brewery, Niigata prefecture
Ginjo, ABV 15.8%, SMV = +5

Treasured for centuries, this delicious sake contains flakes of "hakkin" or platinum, and is drank on celebratory occasions signifying good luck. Floral notes on the nose and palate blossom into full-bodied flavors of sweet and sour mash.

Available packages: 300ml x 12
Echigo Ikarashi-Gawa (Blue River)
Fukugao Brewery, Niigata prefecture

Brewed using the crystal, pure waters of the River Ikarashi, Blue River is a delcious, dry sake noted for its fragrant sweetness and clean finish. The River Ikarashi produces one of the softest waters in all of Japan, a necessity for the legendary Echigo Sake from Niigata.

Available packages: 300ml x 12

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