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SAKE STORY - (Junmai) Daiginjo

(Junmai) Daiginjo | (Junmai) Ginjo | Tokubetsu | Junmai / Honjozo

Kura (Master's Pride)
Kitsukara Brewery, Nagano prefecture
ABV 16%, SMV = 0

Supreme refinement and quality. Subtle and pristine sake aroma followed by razor-smooth, slightly earthy yet dignified flavor.

Available packages: 720ml x 12; 1.8L x 6
Yoi-no-Tsuki (Midnight Moon)
Tsukinowa Brewery, Iwate prefecture
ABV 16.5%, SMV = +5

Brewed in the purest of the Nanbu tradition, which began in the 1100's. Pairs well with smoked fish, caviar, salads and green fruits.

Available packages: 720ml x 12; 1.8L x 6

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